Jaguar car a/c not working..

Jaguar car a/c not working..

Postby dlc7253 » Fri May 29, 2009 6:48 am

i have a jaguar x type 2.5 and well were having problems with the a/c. its not the refrigerant we have added it like 2-3 times already. first time it worked but only for a day. second time well we thought we put to much then we just tried to empty it a little. third time the refrigerant stayed in but didn't cool the car. what should i do? and im assuming i should measure it again to see if it went down but if it seems like its till there, what to do?

btw i meant its not the refrigerant that we dont need to recharge it.
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Re: Jaguar car a/c not working.. You need to have an aircon tech

Postby howomigma » Sat Jun 27, 2009 3:14 pm

You need to have an aircon technician look at it.

If you added gas and it worked temporarily, but adding more again and it didn't, you really need to know if the gas is staying in or leaking out. That's the first step!

If gas is OK, then you need to look for other causes. Does the aircon compressor run? Is the clutch OK? Is the clutch getting power?

Another cause for plenty of gas and the compressor running but no cooling, is moisture icing up within the system. An aircon system must be free of moisture internally.

Of course, it could be a poor compressor...

Take it to a specialist!
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