Fleetwood some white smoke at the exhaust!

Fleetwood some white smoke at the exhaust!

Postby laluolio » Thu Jun 02, 2011 9:43 am

Hello Everyone!

I have a 1993 Fleetwood Brougham and I've been having some overheating problems, and the heat was blowing cold so I thought it could be the thermostat. So, I changed it! No I don't know. It's totally not running the same. I don't know, Now when I drive it for maybe 10 minutes it smokes under the hood and it smells like oil, I see a lil leakage from the top passenger side by the valve cover gasket. And it blows white smoke out the back. I don't know I don't wanna think the worse. And it has oil in it, I may have put too much oil in it, when I heard it ticking from the overheating I put oil in it and it haven't stop. But I haven't put and water or antifreeze in it lately and I haven't seen any smoke in the back and I really haven't drove it cause I'm afraid I might get stranded wit my daughter again. When I smell the oil in the front after driving I cant go over a certain speed and it stalls then cuts off, so I have to wait damn near an half hour to an hour until it cools off to get to the house ASAP or it will do it again. DO anyone have any suggestions? Please I'm not the smartest person dealing wit cars but my god I love my Fleetwood! And it's not a Northstar! HELP ME
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